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Advise multiple products with Package advice
Advise multiple products with Package advice

Create an advice with different products that together solve your customer's problem.

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๐Ÿ’กGood to know: This feature may not be included in your Aiden plan. Contact us if you would like to know more!

What is Package advice?

Several shops have requested a way to offer an advice consisting of a combination of products that together solve a customer's problem.

Consider a shop that wants to offer skin care advice for someone with young, sensitive and oily skin. A package advice for this customer would consist of the best matching moisturizer, night cream and facial cleanser. In other words, the best matching product from each category.

This package of products better solves the customer's problem than an advice that consists only of the best fitting moisturizer. Another benefit: the customer only has to fill out one product finder for facial care, instead of separate ones for e.g. moisturizers, night creams and facial cleansers.

With Package advice, you can now easily put together this kind of combined advice in Aiden. Check out this example app on facial care.

Ready to get started with Package advice?

Let's go! For โ‚ฌ99 a month, you can add this functionality to your license. Send us a message at [email protected] or let us know via the chat in Aiden. Then we'll turn the feature on for you.

How it works

As soon as Package advice is activated, you can head to Matching > Settings > Package Advice.

Follow these steps:

  1. First, make sure your feed only contains products that are relevant to your selection aid. This is best done with Import settings in the Catalog section.

  2. Then match all your products to your questions and answers. This sometimes works slightly differently than with a regular product finder without package advice. So take a look at the tips we give below!

  3. In Matching, tab Settings, activate Package Advice by clicking the toggle next to 'Split the advice into categories'.

  4. Under Categorize by, choose the attribute from your catalog by which you want to categorize the advice. For our product finder on facial care, we selected the attribute 'category'.

  5. Next, select the categories you want to use in the advice. In our facial care app, we can choose from the categories Day cream, Night Cream and Cleanser. In the advice, we want to show only the best-fitting day cream, night cream and cleanser, so we selected those.

  6. Indicate whether you want to show the advice in a certain order. For example, you can always have the most important product appear at the top and then the rest. This can be useful, for example, with a care routine that always consists of the same steps.

Finally: Click the Save button to save your settings.

The customer fills out the product finder as usual. On the Advice page, only the highest scoring product from each category is shown on the advice page of your product finder. In our Skin care app, this is the highest scoring day cream, night cream and facial cleanser.

Tips for a clear Package advice

1. Explain to your customer why he sees this combination of products by saying something about it in the Header and Intro text on the Advice page.

2. Make the added value of each product to the advice clear by using Custom answer labels in the answers (found in the Conversation section).

In our Skin care routine app we use a custom answer for the answer 'More than 30 minutes':

In a Package advice for vitamins and minerals you can, for example, create the following custom answer label for the answer 'I exercise 1-3 times a week': 'You indicate that you exercise 1 to 3 times a week. Use a multivitamin to supplement vitamin and mineral deficiencies caused by exercise.'

3. Are you asking a question that is only relevant to one of your categories? Give all products for which the question is not relevant a neutral instead of a bad match. This way, the answer and matching are only shown for products where it is relevant. In our Skin care routine product finder, the question about sun protection, for example, is only relevant for day creams and not for night creams and cleansers.

4. Do you really want to exclude products from the advice for a specific question? Then give them a bad match for the desired answer and turn on a filter for this question.

5. Finally: Product names can be long or sometimes unclear. Make clear which type of product or category it concerns by displaying this using an 'additional field'. In our Skin care app we show, for example, whether it is a day cream, night cream or facial cleanser.

Other use cases

In addition to our example about skin care, there are more situations where Package advice comes in handy. Consider a product finder about supplements (an advice with all the vitamins and minerals the client needs), or a product finder about camping (the advice recommends a tent, sleeping bag and air mattress for a hiking trip in the mountains).

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